Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Souls Convent and the Sacred Crucifix from Belgium (Tagaytay City, Philippines)

I first heard about this convent in Tagaytay from Cynthia Sto. Domingo, a family friend. She says she visits the place every weekend since it is very peaceful and conducive to meditation.

She gave me a small bottle of holy oil from the place and told me it was dipped in a miraculous Cross which came from Belgium. There are only two such crosses and one was given to the Philippines.

When Bebeth and I brought our guest Ruben to Tagaytay yesterday, I suddenly remembered the place of the little souls. I opened my laptop and surfed for the address and tried to call their telephone but no one was answering.

We tried to looking for it anyway and after a wrong turn and asking a few more people we got to the place.

It was a big sprawling area with some some small buildings and a chapel. I liked the color, peach! The chapel is very much similar to the Pink Sisters convent with steel railings separating the pews from the altar.

After praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I went out and tried looking for someone to ask about the place. I met Janet who apparently helps in the store. I told her that Cynthia told me about this and to look for Sister Marie Rose. She said she is on break but will be calling her.

Took a photo of bebeth and ruben inside the chapel while waiting for sister.

Janet arrived and told us sister was already inside the store. We asked about the place and looked for the miraculous Cross. She said the man who just left, Luis Nepomuceno is the keeper of the Cross. He sometimes brings it to the convent but not often. I asked if he is the same person who owns the movie production outfit and she said yes.

She then showed us the holy oil which has cured many but she says it is not the oil nor the Cross which cures but your faith in the Lord. She also mentioned about Marguerite, the visionary based in Belgium who was the recepient of messages from Jesus. I asked where the story is written and she showed me a red book which looked very familiar. I said I think I saw that somewhere in my house but never got to read it. I purchased a new one and once I have read all of it will post a summary in my blog.

Ruben and Bebeth asked Sister to have a photo with us but she said she will just give us copies of the Glow magazine where her photo is found. She didnt like herself photographed due to their simplicity vows.

Nevertheless, as always, I never take no for an answer, and took some shots without a flash so no one noticed :)

There is no price for the holy oil but just donations of at least 50 php so defray the cost of bottling. I got a couple of them to give to ailing friends and bought some stampitas and meditation leaflets. I noticed the tridium prayer to St. Joseph which looked exactly as the one I got in the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal and since there were only two left, I got both.

Let me quote what was written on the small pamphlet which went with the holy oil I got:

The Sacred Crucifix

The Sacred Crucific known to have healed countless faithful, is at the ocnvent of the Little Souls Sisters in Tagaytay City.

Its origin is unknown, but it is said to have been made by a very holy person, a Monk perhaps, centuries ago. Only two of these rare Cruifixes are known to exist, and one of them was given in Chevremont, Belgium, to the Philippine Chapter of the Legion of Little Souls, the Catholic lay movement tasked with the mission of making Jesus better known and loved.

The Crucifix has been immersed in very refined oil and blessed, providing the Holy Oil the same properties of the Crucifix.
May all who use this Holy Oil be healed with their faith in the boundless and Infinite love of the Merciful Heart of Jesus.

After our visit, we proceeded to the side of the chapel where we wrote our petitions.

The Little Souls Sisters Convent is in Maharlika West (mahogany avenue) 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines.


JP said...

Hi Maan,
Do you know at which convent/retreat place here in the Philippines has the crucifix laid on the ground, center of the room, and when people come into this room, they removed their shows and walk in circles?
Would appreciate info.

Thanks! Jasper

Lorraine said...

Thanks for featuring the Convent! We've just launched our website at:

... you might want to add it to your post. Thanks again!