Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Lady of Caysasay, Taal (Philippines)

I first heard of Our Lady of Casaysay from a journalist friend, Monica, who was commissioned to write about the history of the devotion during its jubilee year. I had always wanted to see the place but never had a chance till last Sunday, when a planned Tagaytay trip to bring around a balikbayan guest Ruben, tuned into an unexpected pilgrimage to Taal.

The church is a few minutes away from the main Basilica of Taal, the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours. Not everyone knows the place as there is also an altar dedicated to Our Lady of Casaysay inside the basilica.

Little Souls Convent and the Sacred Crucifix from Belgium (Tagaytay City, Philippines)

I first heard about this convent in Tagaytay from Cynthia Sto. Domingo, a family friend. She says she visits the place every weekend since it is very peaceful and conducive to meditation.

She gave me a small bottle of holy oil from the place and told me it was dipped in a miraculous Cross which came from Belgium. There are only two such crosses and one was given to the Philippines.

When Bebeth and I brought our guest Ruben to Tagaytay yesterday, I suddenly remembered the place of the little souls. I opened my laptop and surfed for the address and tried to call their telephone but no one was answering.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Holy Blood of Jesus (Brugges, Belgium)

When I was doing my european travel itinerary last year, I made sure Brugge (Belgium) will be part of it as I had heard that its a very pretty medieval place. While searching the internet, I suddenly chanced upon the Holy Blood of Jesus Relic said to be found in the city of Brugges.

I then vowed I must see this holy relic. I went on researching till I found out that the feast and the great procession will be held on Ascension day (May 25) which is the day I was arriving in Paris. I even sent an email to the parish priest, who never replied.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lourdes, France

This shrine and specially Our Lady will always have a special place in my heart. The first time I visited Lourdes was more than 20 yrs ago with my late parents.

I attended all the services from Blessing of the Sick to Torch Procession but I got scared to go with them and actually dip on the Baths.

Later on I regretted it.

I didnt know that when we were in Rome, as we were guests of an Archbishop, dad didnt feel well. He saw some blood in his urine.